AirDroid : Swap files, access items and see your notifications Android directly on the desktop

AirDroid is an add-on for the Google Chrome browser which aims to facilitate the access to the service of the same name.

Thus, you can enjoy the features offered by the program directly from the browser of Google applications.

However, to use it properly you must have an account on the service, something that can be done through this link. If you prefer, there is also using a login from Google, Facebook or Twitter, as long as you agree with the necessary access permissions to complete the operation.

In addition, it is also warning that you need to be with the AirDroid for Android installed on your smartphone with your account properly connected.

All remote

Sometimes, you’re working on the computer and didn’t even realize that received a message on your smartphone. Similarly, who never had to interrupt an activity to get a photo or other content that was in the cell? The proposal of AirDroid is that you’ll never be bothered with this type of inconvenience.

With it, you can do it all remotely through the add-on, being only necessary to connect it to your device with Android and do synchronization of both (computer and smartphone) with your account. But don’t worry, because this process is done only by connecting your account in both sources.

Once connected, you can now enjoy all the features offered, such as the ability to transfer files between devices. Similarly, it is also possible to read incoming messages on your smartphone (and answer them), listen to the songs on your memory card directly by computer, among several other alternatives.

Shortly after making the connection, you’re taken to your administrative panel, and your smartphone associated to the account should be recognised immediately. If that doesn’t happen, you can register the device manually in the “account”, “devices” tab.

Accessing the browser


The interface of the service is very friendly and is divided into sectors to facilitate their use. On the left portion of the screen are some tools for content access on your device. Already on the right side of the display is shown on your appliance, including the operating system and the storage space (free and busy).

You can use this field to send files, links, contents of Windows Clipboard and even applications (in APK format). This process is very simple, requiring only click the button equivalent to the item that you want to store on Android and “drag you down” until the field present on the screen for the task.

In addition, you can also click the “detail” button to access the functions of your smartphone and, once employed such function, a new window is opened, divided into tabs as the alternative offered.

Opening items

There are two ways for you to use the functions of your appliance. One of them is to open the “details” section of your smartphone and, through him, you can view the contacts and applications present in it. In addition, it is also possible to view pictures, listen to music and watch a video.

Including, for the latest functions mentioned, the program offers an integrated player capable of playing the content directly in the browser, without the need to use another application. Such options can also be opened directly on the main screen of the program, by means of the buttons specific to each one of them.

The application still provides the option of you taking a picture through its Android and save it on your computer. In addition, he also has a tracking device to help you find your device, ideal for those moments in which you’re not very sure where you left it.

In the settings of the add-on, you can find a number of options that can leave you even more according to your needs. An option in this sector that certainly deserves highlight is the possibility to show the notifications received in the appliance directly on your desktop.

Our opinion

Our opinion Above you gave a complete description about the AirDroid and its functionalities, know now what we think of him.AirDroid is an application that lets you connect your PC and your Android. Thus, it is possible to transfer files between them more easily, using your internet connection. In addition you can exchange items between them without the need of a cable, various additional functions are available.

Among them, it is possible to access the multimedia content of your Android directly on your computer, without having to copy the items. In this way, you can hear your songs on the machine on which you are connected, avoiding the inconvenience of transferring (and possibly having to erase) files when you no longer use them.

Another practicality in use of AirDroid is the management of torpedoes. With it, you can read incoming messages and answer them directly by computer, making it unnecessary to have to do it on your smartphone. This characteristic is even more attractive to anyone who is part of Group of people who don’t like to type using the mobile device.

Additionally, you can request that the notifications received in your smartphone are visualized on the follow-through. This function, combined to alerts on the desktop, which is an option available in Chrome, can be the ultimate solution for you will never lose an important warning for not having seen it in the appliance.

User-friendly Interface

The application interface is certainly noteworthy, because she has a great division of functions in sectors, in addition to not forgo elegance. In this way, the program is not only practical, as their use is also very nice. At least during our tests, the sync occurred as expected: automatically.

Also didn’t have any type of problem to open the items in the unit or use the functions offered by the add-on. There were no crashes, errors, files that were corrupted or interruptions in the procedures. In addition, the program is extremely lightweight and does not bring losses to the use of Chrome or computer in General.