5 applications for you to record your calls on Android

Eventually, we receive important calls and have no paper around to record the information that is passed, as banks, cell phone numbers, addresses etc. So, it is interesting to have an application on Android to record the information that is said in certain conversations, because then there’s no way to banks for questions or misinterpretations of what was said.

Many manufacturers do not have this type of functionality at the interface of your systems, and in some countries this role type can even be considered illegal. But if you just want to record your calls so unassuming and without the intention of sharing such information with the world, apparently there is no hindrance in doing so.

So, we list below 5 interesting Play applications Store that do just that and that are free, works on Android Lollipop and don’t require root. It is important to note that some models of smartphones are simply not capable of recording your connections, as this functionality is disabled by default (in this case, all the apps below are compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S6). So here we go:

1-Automatic Call Recorder (answering machine)

AUTOMATIC CALLRECORDERSThis is one of the most popular recording of the moment (and it’s in Portuguese), launched in February 2015. The simple and objective interface facilitates the use of the application, which offers many customization options for their records. Despite being free, you can get some extra features in Premium version. DOWNLOAD HERE.

2-Call Recorder ACR (call recording-ACR)

With a minimalist and simple, the Call Recorder offers enough customization. With support for different audio encodings, automatic elimination of old files and folders with recordings that are protected by passwords, the app is quite complete. Those who wish, can also purchase the Pro version and release more customizations. Download here.ACR

3 – Call Recorder Free

Call Recorder FreeThe Call Recorder Free enables you to record the calls of the smartphone so fast and convenient, and can add notes to certain audios and favoritá them too. You can make recordings in the AMR, MP4 and WAV formats and then upload them to your computer if you wish. Like the other apps listed, it is possible to pay for the Premium version to release more features. Download here.

4-Call Recorder (answering machine)
This is one of the oldest guy at Play Store and is well received by the public. Its functionalities are equal to those that have commented in other apps, ensuring customization of recorded calls and various types of settings. One of the differences is that all links saved are automatically sent to the cloud. Download here.CALL REC

5 – Smart Auto Call Recorder

Smart Auto Call RecorderFinally, we list the Smart Auto Call Recorder. The app allows bindings to be recorded whenever you meet them and offers different audio formats you save, automatic synchronization of files and many other features. Download here.