PointerFocus is an application suitable for use in presentations and classes, where he uses the computer demonstrations. Through him you can indicate your steps and even shortcuts used. There are five different functions to help you show

Franz : WhatsApp, Fb Messenger, Hangouts and other messengers in one place

Franz is a program made to aggregate most of the Exchange messaging services more popular today in only one place. By using the software, you can gather in a single place, the use of applications such as

Remix OS : A PC with Android

NI PCs with Android are not nothing new on the market, but a new solution in this area called “Mini Remix”, manufactured by Jide, appears to be the first model that actually tries to turn the OS

Wise Reminder

Wise Reminder is an application extremely compact for reminders and notes with audible warnings. You can create small events and never lose time! It can be used, for example, for you to remember to take a cake

Slim Drivers

Computers are fantastic machines, a pity that they are not perfect. With the accelerated creation of new hardware components, it is common for manufacturers to develop improvised software for the operation of the devices. Some basic problems