Clean Master Desktop

Clean Master is an application of cleaning with the goal of making a total system organization, removing unnecessary items.

So, you can do a checkout on your hard drive and, in the end, make more space and performance.

However, it warned that, even if the application seeks to always work the way as safe as possible for who uses it, if you’re not very sure what is removing, it is always interesting to do a backup before using the program. So, if you do not come out as expected, there’s always turning back without major losses.

Keeping cleaned up

Inevitably, as time goes by, you will notice that your computer loses part of good performance observed when it is new. No matter how careful you are with the equipment; processes such as install and uninstall applications, as well as surf the internet, end up amassing a series of temporary files that may be on your hard disk for a long time.

So, ideally, you do a good cleaning on the machine from time to time, because this is a simple way not only to gain space on the hard disk, but also to maintain the computer more organized. As the manual process can be very tiring, you can count on Clean Master to help you.


The program operates from a single screen with a pleasant design, and all functions are placed in the form of button directly in the interface. Then when you open the application it does automatic analysis for you and, at the end of the procedure, you can see that all the parsed content is separated into sectors and subcategories, making visual identification of “trash” contained in the computer.

Start cleaning

After the initial review, it is already possible to auto-start your organization. Once you have checked all the occurrences found, you can either remove items individually as doing a thorough cleaning. In the first situation, by clicking any of the results, see what two buttons are displayed.

Through the “Clean up”, it is possible to remove all unnecessary files obtained in that group of items. “Ignore” causes this content is ignored by the cleaner. The cleaning process is pretty fast and, in the end, the group is shown as uneventful. To delete everything that was found in the analysis, simply click “Clean now” at the top of the screen.

Once this is done, the process is started and you can track your progress through the display of the items that are removed. At the end, you can see how much space has been freed through the operation and, if desired, perform the analysis again using the button “Scan again or return to the main screen.

To check again at another time, simply use the “Scan now” button available on the main screen of the application.

My Opinion

Above you gave a complete description about the Clean Master and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
Clean Master is an interesting program for you to make a complete maintenance on your file system. There’s no need to cite that one of its main advantages is to offer an automatic way to perform the operation, avoiding that you need to perform searches and Manual removals.

That way, he can be a great ally, especially for those who make many software installations on your computer or not usually delete temporary internet and keeps your active navigation history. The screen of the application is very elegant and has a division of results in sectors.

So even with a daring aspect, the application remains single use, because the focus is on task execution proposal, displaying their main functions in the form of button, directly on the screen. The analysis process is very fast, being virtually instant, even to a slightly higher number of files.

In addition, it is done automatically when you open the program. However, if you want you can redo it easily in just one click. Unfortunately, you cannot choose what should be analyzed, being that the application always performs the complete procedure. Still, as the operation is very fast, it’s not enough to be a problem.

Deleting items, on the other hand, can be done both individually and in a general way. Even if you adopt the second procedure, he is very quick and won’t take up too much of your time to complete. However, it is always important to keep in mind that if you’re not sure what you’re removing through the program, the ideal is to perform a backup of your files. That way, if something does not go as expected, you can go back without major losses.