Cofeshow : Your photos will be even more elegant in a stylish slideshow

Cofeshow is a program that lets you build beautiful slideshows with photographs that are available on your computer. Thus, you can have a slideshow created in a few moments and with a professional touch, but without any kind of complication in time to make the composition.

There’s no need to create an account in order to use the application: simply download and enjoy the features offered. However, it is good to note that he makes the montages with photos that are on your computer, not extending its reach to social networks or the images that are on a virtual drive.

For various occasions

Photographs are literally visual memories of moments that marked our lives and that’s why we love so much to review them from time to time. Similarly, many times we make collages and various murals to share with friends and all those involved in the episodes depicted.

The Cofeshow is an application that allows you to create slideshows with your photos, serving for you to make this type of animation for the most varied situations. The results have an extremely professional video aspect, being interesting even for you to create a virtual card to anyone you want.

The program counts with a stylish interface and with a good organization of their duties, since all are displayed directly on the screen. In his first use of the application, it makes a sort of “step by step” Guide, indicating the display available options and how each operates.

To start using the application, the first step is to choose the desired theme among those available on the screen. Passing your mouse over any one of them there is the option to select or to make a preview. Once chosen the background, in the second step you enter a music to accompany the presentation.

The file can be located on your computer via the option “Select audio file”, and there is no restriction on the size of it. Later, completed his work, the sound will be adapted to end when there are no more images to be displayed.


Loading images

Once chosen the theme and sound, it’s time to insert the images in its composition. To do this, click “Add images” for photographs loose or “Add folder with images” for an entire folder. Then notice that they now appear as thumbnails on your screen, and to choose your positioning by simply “dragging them to the desired location.

If you want you can insert tables with text in your presentation by clicking on the button “Add text scene” and typing the desired content freely. In the program settings you can choose the folder to save the item and remove the logo placed at the end of the slideshow. When your presentation is fully mounted, click “Done” to save your work.

My Opinion

My opinion Above you gave a complete description about the Cofeshow and its functionalities, know now what we think of him

Cofeshow is a program that will turn still images into beautiful slide shows, with a stunning visual quality. So, certainly it can be a good option for those who want to set up a slideshow and does not have much affinity with image editors, even by the fact that he do a refined work of simple way.

The program interface is bold, but still remains intuitive, putting the main functions in the form of button directly on the screen. Therefore, in addition to easy-to-use, the handling of the application is also very nice. As background, are offered only six models of theme, but, according to the developer, more of them will be added soon.

However, to compensate for the item quantity, all have a great quality and well elaborate animations for transitions with text. The exchange of images is also made from soft way in all options. The program operates only with photographs uploaded directly from your computer, and there are no unnecessary delays in time to enter them.

All items can be repositioned freely as you deem appropriate, just dragging on the screen. Another interesting point is that to the text, the program supports special characters without any kind of problem. The results are stored on your computer so you can use them whenever you want.

By default, the application inserts a logo at the end of the presentation. However, you can change this option in the settings of the program, making this fact doesn’t come to be a problem.