DAEMON Tools Lite

Many of the notebooks launched today no longer have CD or DVD drives. The tool that was mandatory item until a few years ago, nowadays has become secondary because of pendrives, memory cards and external HDs with ever-increasing capabilities.

However, you never know when you’ll need to run a file from an external media. DAEMON Tools is a program that emulates CD and DVD drives for you to perform image files without having to install them on your computer.

The program works extremely simple, with an icon from the Windows clock tray. You just access the file, open it and start using! The application creates up to four virtual CD and DVD drives, “tricking” your system as if there really was any other drives that are present in your computer. That way, you emulates image files from HD/DVD, for example, even if you don’t have a type reader on your PC.

Emulating image files

By right-clicking on the icon in the tray clock DAEMON Tools, you have access to a menu from which finds the image files on your system. To do this, position the mouse cursor over “Virtual CD/DVD-Rom”, after “Virtual Devices”. Finally, select the desired device (if there is more than one) and then choose mount image… “.

A new window opens for you to find on your computer image files in various formats. The “drag and drop” function lets you drag files from anywhere in the program interface.


DAEMON Tools, and easy to use, it is also a versatile program. In all, he is able to identify ten different image file formats, which makes it more useful still. The formats supported by this program are: B5T, B6T, CCD, CDI, BWT, CUE, ISO, MDS, NRG, PDI. The latest version includes MDX extension yet.

The function “Open Mount ‘n’ Drive Manager” allows easy management among the four drives can be created. However, there is the possibility of using more than one at a time, since in some cases the performance is substantially impaired due to the application’s memory consumption.

Another possibility which may appeal to some users is the automatic inclusion of a widget in the sidebar of Windows. From it you can access all functions of the program. There is no option to skip this installation process. However, once you started, you can uninstall it with ease.

My opinion

My opinion Above you gave a complete description about the DAEMON Tools Lite and its functionalities, know now what i think of him
Daemon Tools Lite is a great alternative for anyone who creates backups on disk image formats ISO, NRG, CCD and other famous extensions. The application proved to be stable during our tests and held a very low amount of memory, which makes it an excellent option for any users.

During our review we note that the DAEMON Tools Lite is one of the most uncomplicated software of the genre. The menu accessible via the system tray facilitates control of virtual drives, and prevent more a window to be opened.

Integration with the formats surprised us, so that the user does not need to be searching the web for an application compatible, since DAEMON Tools Lite indicates which files can be mounted automatically. To make things even easier, the software offers the ability to shortcut key configuration, functionality that deserves attention.

It is worth remembering that the DAEMON Tools Lite comes ready to work with protected images. So, if you happen to perform a backup with safety lock, will still have to execute it using DAEMON Tools Lite.

During the period that tested DAEMON Tools Lite we were very happy, because despite being a simplified version, the developers withdrew the main options. Therefore, you will have to emulate several images simultaneously. Anyway, DAEMON Tools Lite proved to be extremely efficient and versatile, being suitable for all users who search for an application to image emulation of the major formats.