EasyPHP: Learn how to create a Wamp Server Location

EasyPHP: have an Apache Server, MySQL (with PHPMyAdmin), PHP, and more, on your computer running Windows (Wamp), for free with this wonderful software.

EasyPHP is a free software that creates a server Wamp (Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP) on your computer running Windows. He does almost everything automatically, you only need to download and run the installer.

The more interesting than EasyPHP is that he brings an easy-to-use interface, where you can stop and restart the MySQL server and Apache with just one click with the mouse. In addition, he also brings an administrative area with multiple modules already included, among them, highlighting the phpMyAdmin, which is a web software targeted towards the management of your MySQL databases.

Another advantage of EasyPHP is the ease with which you can access the configuration files of Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin. Just a click with the right mouse button on the program icon in the system tray access to what you need.

easy php

The image above shows the options EasyPHP on tray (near the clock) for Windows.

Want to test the EasyPHP on your computer? It is quite simple, you can download it from the official site using the link below:

You can also do a quick search on Google, you will find the link to download easily.