Everything Search : Find everything on your computer with just a few seconds

Can’t remember where that file go? Lost an important document and can not find it neither with promises to San Longuinho? So let the Saints in peace and try Everything. The program is simple, light and quite objective. Just enter the word in the search field at the top of the screen and wait for the results.

Shouldn’t take long until the first files and folders found start to appear on your screen. The modes of the Search Everything offers are among the highlights of the program. The user can search for documents through the site when they were last seen; by exact name or the sensitivity of the letters.

Taking into account the download and installation, you should not use more than 3 minutes of your time. With an Installer only 296 KB, any connection you can download the file quickly. Then, simply double click on the EXE file to run it. Once the installation wizard is already open, it is time to follow the guidance provided by it and proceed.

search everything

Then, simply enter the name or the path of what you need to find to find Everything. However, the program is not limited to just find what you need. The software is still able to include research in HTTP, FTP and ETP. Just that you configure for such tasks. To do so, click on “Tools” and choose which of these options best meet your needs. Remember that some of these resources require the input of data like addresses, logins and passwords. Therefore, make everything by hand.

To change the browse mode, click on “Search” and see which of the options are appropriate to what you need. Normally, the search by keyword to find the files. However, the most extreme cases they ask that if you use the search by location address. The ideal audience for this type of program are people who rely heavily on internal search systems of the operating systems that can often fails. Therefore, if you prefer to do your searches in a program that will hardly leave him in his hand, it’s time to meet the Everything.

My opinion

My opinion Above you gave a full description about Everything and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
The Everything is a fairly simple software and you can meet more complex requirements – find lost files. Often do not appreciate the importance of this type of program, but you can’t live without one of them. The Everything is practical and does not have thousands of Windows or tabs that may confuse users.

The option to open a new window is at the discretion of the user who can do it or not. The system of searches performed via Everything is fast and only requires that you have the basic domain of English to operate the program. However, because it’s so simple, it is possible to operate it in intuitive way – without having to be a master in the language of the program. In General, is an excellent program pretty light and simple. Worth a try and discover all that he is able!