Franz : WhatsApp, Fb Messenger, Hangouts and other messengers in one place

Franz is a program made to aggregate most of the Exchange messaging services more popular today in only one place. By using the software, you can gather in a single place, the use of applications such as Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger (of Facebook), Telegram, Hangouts, HipChat, WeChat, Slack, Grape and GroupMe — all without having to do any installation.

When you have downloaded the file. Zip, just unzip it and open the. Exe to the Franz quickly pass the work. On the home screen, you can choose which of the above services you want to insert as a tab on the top bar of the software. When you select one of them, you have the opportunity to customize the name of the tab you’re creating.

In addition to gather all the messengers, the program lets you select to stay always connected to them and create multiple tabs for the same software. In this way, it is possible to open several different accounts that you have in some service and reduce the number of Windows in your taskbar.

Above you gave a full description on the Franz and their functionality, learn now what we think of Franz is an excellent program for those who usually use multiple messaging services at the same time, but you are tired of having to keep switching Windows and devices. The variety of software compatible with the service is quite comprehensive, especially considering that he is still in its Beta version on Windows.


By bringing together the main messengers in one window, the Franz helps the user to lose less time, since all possible sources of distraction are grouped in only one place. Whenever you receive a new message, it will appear in a notification in the lower right corner of your screen, so that you don’t need to open the program window to know what was said.

The most interesting feature, however, is the ability to simultaneously open multiple accounts of the same service and identify them with proper names. With this functionality, the application makes life easier for those who like to stay connected to your personal and professional profiles, eliminating the need of using “hacks” to it.

Can improve more

One of the few aspects that bothered in Franz was the fact that, after the notifications of new messages somirem of the screen, it is impossible to know if someone talked to you unless the program window is opened. In addition, it would also be interesting to be able to simply click on one of the alerts to be taken directly to the conversation in question without having to go to its tab manually.

Regardless of these points, that may well be modified when the software out of Beta, Franz is an aggregator of messengers extremely competent, lightweight and easy to use. If you were looking for a way to gather all their electronic conversations in one place and concentrate its sources of distraction, so you probably won’t need to get more.