GO Launcher EX

GO Launcher EX is a launcher for Android that lets you change the interface of the operating system the way you find most interesting. The app has various configuration options and many possibilities for customization. You can change almost anything in the interface GO Launcher EX downloading one of over 10 thousand themes or simply change icons and apply native settings of the tool.

Unique elements

If you prefer the Google operating system to the detriment of other mobile sector because of the power of customization, the GO Launcher EX is the ideal tool for you. He possesses a unique store themes, icons packs and extensions. You still counts with elements such as the simplified settings panel, a drawer of apps with more features and a very practical task manager to clear the memory of your device when necessary.

By default, the GO Launcher EX comes with two interfaces that you can use in your smartphone. The traditional interface is lighter, has less transition effects and other graphic elements, but the UI 3.0 brings you more unique movements and effects.

The launcher still brings functions such as activation of cellular elements through gestures drawn on the screen and a button at the bottom of the options screen of your smartphone. With this, you can access the settings of the launcher and the appliance without navigating complex menus.

Our opinion

Our opinion Above you gave a complete description about the GO Launcher EX and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
GO Launcher EX is one of the tools most popular Android customization of Android app store. You can do practically anything with the tool, customizing your device with a number of free and paid themes, icons packs and even downloading extensions that extend the functionality of the devices through the launcher. In all, there are more than 10 thousand options compatible with the tool, available on Google and in the store itself Play GO Launcher EX.


You cannot judge the GO Launcher EX only by its appearance, since his biggest highlight is precisely the possibility to change it for many different interfaces with few clicks. Anyway, the two interfaces that come loaded on the tool are quite interesting.

One has a very traditional style, with only icons in contours, and the other has a more comical, with rounded and quite colorful elements. In both, you can check out a multitude of transition effects quite unique. That means no imitations of launchers from manufacturers such as Samsung and Sony or the standard pure Android interface.

Add-ons welcome

It is worth noting the presence of an integrated Task Manager apps drawer, that allows you to clear the memory of your device with a few taps. The store of themes and extensions is also a practical tool, which allows you to navigate through the options compatible with the GO Launcher EX without needing to get anything on Google Play.

In our tests, we did not find any problem with the GO Launcher EX. The tool worked perfectly fine without crashes or slow moments. The installation of Add-ons, widgets and other elements in the launcher also works without any major problems, but you might bump into many paid items that present themselves as “free” in a first moment.

Other than that, you can receive multiple useless icons in the main screen on your smartphone offering the installation of additional software. That way, check out your options and make a test with the launcher more pliable of Google Play.

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