How To Download Facebook video to Mobile

Download the videos you and your friends have posted on Facebook directly on your Android device

facebook video downloaderFor Facebook Video Downloader is a program that allows you to download various videos uploaded to the planet’s largest social network, Facebook.

The software comes as a similar option to applications that let you download movies posted in specialized sites, such as YouTube.

Here, however, you can download videos uploaded to Facebook – and everything is made up of fairly straightforward. On the main interface of the service, you are able to visualize everything separately.

So, find videos posted on the site and who have you marked at some point, for example. It is also possible to find movies that you have uploaded to the social network and all your friends have uploaded.

The Video Downloader for Facebook allows you to download or watch them directly in your own interface. In the options of the software you can even choose if you want to get the movies in HD quality.

My Opinion

Above you gave a full description on the Video Downloader for Facebook and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
Video Downloader for Facebook is a program designed to allow you to download videos posted directly on Facebook. The software features a simple interface and organized, leading you directly to it: get the movies you want to download.

The separation shown by the software is pretty smart, so you are able to find what you are looking for directly, is a video sent by yourself, or something that has been posted by one of your contacts.

In this regard, just missed an option to list all the films sent by friends in a single section, once pumping is needed in one at a time to view their videos.

It works when it wants to

fb video downloaderDuring our tests, the program showed some instability on its main tool, which is to download the videos. In certain situations, the Video Downloader for Facebook worked well and did the download without problems, including showing a good speed of data transmission.

However, in several other tests the application simply has not been able to download anything, bringing some strange justifications, such as not having access to the downloads folder created for videos, for example. The option to download movies in HD also didn’t work in no time.