iPhone 6: mass production should commence soon

According to multiple Asian sources, the long awaited sixth edition of Apple’s smartphone should go into production very soon. According to the site Weibo, the iPhone 6 is currently in the phase known as PVT. (product validation, the acronym in English).

In other words, the production lines were currently working full steam ahead to detect any possible obstacles to mass production of the device.

In versions 4.7 and 5.5 inches

According to the rumors that have won the internet in recent months, Apple should launch an initial 4.7-inch version of its new smartphone. It is expected that this first iPhone 6 is unveiled in September, and should hit the shelves in the next month. Already the issue somewhat more parruda, with 5.5 inches, it should take a little longer to appear.

Although the specific date has not yet been disclosed, it is known that both models will bring under the hood the A8, the new 64-bit processor from Apple — which also includes a GPU (graphics processing unit, the acronym in English) with far more firepower. In addition, equipment must bring even improved versions of fingerprint detection sensor — which should be more durable and also more accurate than the previous one, found in iPhone 5S.

The presentation of the new iPhone should occur on September 9 in an official event for the press. In addition to the smartphone, Apple must also reveal a whole line of new appliances including 8 iOS powered iPad Air 2.