Lazy Swipe : Switch between your favorite apps has never been easier

If you don’t like the “recent” screen of your Android-the one that appears when you hold the “home” button pressed for a few seconds –, Lazy Swipe will help you access the most-recently used apps much easier.

To show the most commonly used applications, all you need to do is slide your finger from bottom to top in the bottom left or right of the display. The first time I Lazy Swipe is executed, the system shows a tag with contact areas.

The recent apps are displayed on the tab “Recents”, while most played are in “Most used”. The latter, called “Toolbox”, gives you access to several shortcuts that allow you to turn on/off system features, such as Bluetooth and WiFi, for example.

In “Booster”, you can run a quick cleaning of RAM that eliminates all the services that are running in the background. The procedure aims to improve the performance of the appliance.


My opinion

My opinion Above you gave a complete description about the Lazy Swipe and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
If the homescreen of your Android is full and you are seeking a new way to access your favorite apps, Lazy Swipe is a great option for you to try. The application displays a panel where you slide your finger in the lower extremities of the display.

Shortcuts are divided into two categories, recent and more used, and are always shown at least nine icons on the front page. How is it possible to show more options sliding finger vertically, it’s easy to find any program in a few seconds.

Practical and beautiful

The tab “Toolbox” brings some interesting shortcuts that enable you to manage system services, such as WiFi and Bluetooth networks, for example. You can also adjust the brightness, turn on the flashlight, leave the unit in quiet mode and to run a cleaning of RAM (“Booster”).

Although it is not possible to change the contact area that makes the Lazy Swipe comes up, it’s not hard to get used to the program because doing so emerge is an easy task. However, the app loses some points by very few customization options, since it is not possible to modify the behavior of the system or customize your look.