Moto 360 : Smartwatch clock battery should last for two and a half days per charge

The smartwatches may even have the advantage of being much more advanced than their counterparts. But we need to admit that nobody was exactly happy to find out that the duration of load of these appliances is nearly as large as that of a normal cell – while the battery of your old watch remains strong for years.

Because they’re not as many satisfied with devices like the LG G Watch lasting less than a day, the blog Mister Gadget comes bring great news for those who are thinking of investing in a Bike 360. According to them, the smartwatch clock lasts around two and a half days per charge, which is a ridiculous increase in comparison.

Luca Viscardi note, however, that we’re talking about a version that is not yet the end of the unit. Soon, the Bike 360 can change a lot in this regard – although, considering the current focus of Motorola in creating devices with high battery duration, it is quite possible to see something in the version hit stores.