Pimagic : Online app for Editing Images with beautiful Filters

Pimagic is a online image editor that lets you work with your images by applying filters and doing some simple edits to make them ready to be posted on the social network. With this, you do not need to install a software on your PC just to handle it sporadically.

To begin to manipulate an image in Pimagic, you need to simply drag any photo in JPG or PNG into the window of the app when it is already loaded. As soon as it appears on your screen, it is possible to start in fact moving in the image.


At the top of the Pimagic page, you can check out some tabs that separate certain functions. The first is called “Cut” and performs this activity in a simple way. You simply need to drag the dashed edges into the image and position them the way you want to cut. Confirm the operation and the app will automatically switch to the second tab of functions, called “effects”.

On this tab, you apply basically filters, well-styled Instagram, and can then play some more with similar options in “Beautify”. Finally, it is possible to choose the name and the format of your picture in “settings”. Tap “Save” to apply all changes and to download the image, click with the right mouse button on it and choose “save image as.”

My Opinion

Our opinion Above you gave a complete description about the Pimagic and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
Pimagic is one of the simplest ways to apply basic editions images you can find on the internet. Just load the app in your browser, drag a photo into the window and start playing with the effects and tools.

Nothing is too advanced, but everything works without any problem and with great agility. Obviously, it is necessary to wait a few moments until the photo being submitted, but, after that, everything works fine.

The Pimagic interface also draws attention. She is beautiful and has some interesting effects that make it somewhat elegant, like expanding the tools when you Exchange roles tab at the top of the screen. Still, the textures chosen for the bottom of the interface resemble a little visual of early versions of Apple’s iOS, which are somewhat dated.


As regards functionality, the Pimagic OK. There are several editing options for the user to use, but, as previously stated, nothing is too advanced. Therefore, the app only serves to edit images that go into social networks and nothing else.

Finally, we can say that it’s worth doing the test with this tool, especially if you perform basic editing activity very sporadically and don’t want to have something installed permanently on your computer just for that.