PointerFocus is an application suitable for use in presentations and classes, where he uses the computer demonstrations. Through him you can indicate your steps and even shortcuts used.

There are five different functions to help you show off what you’re doing, enhance details, clicks and shortcuts. “Highlight cursor” (Highlight cursor) is a function that displays a semitransparent highlight around the cursor, creating a circle around him each time you click – differentiating by color click with the right or left button.

“Show keystrokes” (show keys) displays at the bottom of the screen the shortcuts used by you, besides the keys that were triggered. “Mouse” Spotlight “(mouse Spotlight) is able to leave the area indicated clear and darken the rest of the screen.


“Pen” is another very useful function because it can draw on the screen, highlighting points that you desire, allowing more than one stroke preview at the same time. And, finally, “Magnifier” (magnifying glass), a function that increases a specific point on the screen.

Cursor options can be used in conjunction with “Show Keystrokes”, and each of the five functions has, in the application settings, change forms-how to increase the area to enhance and modify colors.Above you gave a complete description about the PointerFocus and its functionalities, know now what we think of him

PointerFocus is an application very easy to use and great for use in presentations, video tutorials and demonstrations. The practicality of display used shortcuts and highlight points of the screen is very interesting for classes and meetings. In addition, it is lightweight fast to install.

However, the application has a weakness: when using the function “Show Keystrokes” he disables the ability to accentuate the words, because the PointerFocus only accepts English texts.