Slim Drivers

slimdriverComputers are fantastic machines, a pity that they are not perfect. With the accelerated creation of new hardware components, it is common for manufacturers to develop improvised software for the operation of the devices.

Some basic problems of incompatibility can occur, but developers are always creating new drivers for boards to operate in the best possible way. Unfortunately, no one has time to keep updating the PC all day, no longer need to be scouring the web for new drivers, because the Slim Drivers do this task for you.


When starting the Slim Drivers for the first time noted the improved functionality of the program. The modern interface guides the user to the update of drivers is carried out in a few seconds. Unfortunately there is no translation into Portuguese, however the buttons and information in large size make it easier to use the application.

On the initial screen of the program displays the basic configuration of your PC and a summary about the updates that are available (information about available updates appears only when the user performs the first scan). After that the user decides to download the new drivers, the program displays a screen with the list of hardware devices that receive update.

Safety and efficiency

The Slim Drivers seems a simple program, especially for being in the testing phase, however the developers included various features to provide safety to the user. To make any changes on the PC, the program offers the possibility to create a restore point, very important activity to ensure the stability of the system.

It is important to note that the Slim Drivers do not install the updates automatically, requiring the user to complete the installation guide. After you add the new driver, the application will order the PC restart to complete an update and start another download.

Above you gave a full description about Slim Drivers and their functionality, know now what we think of him
Slim Drivers is a program that can perform a task already exists, but efficiently. In our tests the program did not generate errors, but repeated downloading some updates, a little problem that should not occur constantly, since everything depends on the hardware you have on your computer.

The limited amount of buttons is a plus point of the program, so that the user does not have to spend hours trying to figure out what to do. By default the Slim Drivers starts together with Windows, but you can disable this option and use the program only when you want to.

This software is recommended for all users who want to keep the PC with the best performance and don’t have problems with random errors that occur due to lack of updated drivers.