Study reveals Smartphone shopping habits in the United States

A study released recently by Kantar Worldpanel: consumer ComTech cracked some of the habits that purchasers of smartphones in the United States adopted in choosing a product. Among the features that were prioritized during the first quarter of 2014 are LTE connectivity and the screen size of the device in question.

According to Kantar, less and less differentiation between the hardware of the smartphones available on the market are making consumers interested in more specific functionality. The study also shows that 25% of new buyers seek advice from friends to make a decision, while slightly less than 25% of them go into sites of carriers to check the products available.

Another interesting data is in the fact that 64 percent of new purchases are still made in physical stores, while online trade accounts for 24% of products sold. Consumers also stated that 63% of the attendants of shops have recommended buying Samsung products, more than twice the advice indicated Apple products (30 percent).

According to Kantar, consumers interested in an iPhone are those least spend time in research before actually purchasing a new product. Among the reasons for this are a high level of brand loyalty and the fact that Apple fans are more efficient in time to publicize the qualities of the brand.