Taskbar and Startmenu for Your Android Mobile

Taskbar-Windows 8 Style is a utility for Android which significantly changes the way you interact with your splash screen. The program adds a bar very similar to that of Windows 7 that contains all programs installed on the device, as well as shortcuts to enable/disable some basic features, such as WiFi and Bluetooth, for example.

To activate the application, all you need to do is touch the blue icon in the dock, positioned in the lower-left corner of the screen. The program adapts without limitations to the size of the screen and works both in horizontal and in vertical mode.

My opinion
my opinion Above you gave a complete description about the Taskbar and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
If you like Android, but misses all the convenience that the old Start Menu of Windows provides, the Taskbar-Windows 8 Style will help you get the best of both systems.

Different than the name of the program suggests, the menu is very similar to Windows 7. The interface is beautiful and the utility can be used intuitively by any person accustomed to move in a computer. In addition, in the place where traditionally is the option “disconnect”, the app displays shortcuts to toggle WiFi and Bluetooth networks and even put the gadget in airplane mode/offline.

Configuration options allow you to move the menu size and even control the applications that may or may not appear in the list. Another highlight is the possibility of adding more enablers to the gadget features, such as “GPS”, “Rotate”, “Sync” and “Call”.

The only missing feature in the Taskbar-Windows 8 Style is an organizer of categories for applications, since a unified list, even organized in alphabetical order, not always very practical.