VideoShowPro:Free Video Editor App for Android

The VideoShowPro: Free Video Editor is a complete video editing application with which you can transform your photos and favorite clips in real movies and presentations. To begin, simply tap on the button Make video from the main menu and choose one of the options: create slideshow, create video or merge video.

The app recognizes only the pictures and videos stored in the appliance. Therefore, if you do not have much material to work with, feel free to use the camera and record everything that you are going to use in his work.

When browsing through the Gallery of Android, you can select multiple items. After you rearrange the scenes by dragging the icons on the base bar and complete the selection by tapping the Play button.

The screen Editor offers several cool features, how to hack, caption, BMG, Volume and effects. Using the tools with creativity, his transition from clips and pictures can turn into a very stylish and flashy video.

My Opinion

Above you gave a complete description about the VideoShowPro: Free Video Editor and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
In VideoShowPro: Free Video Editor, you can find a video editor full of effects and cool features for you to create your own clips. All you need to do is choose your best photos and videos and perfect effects and in the texts.

The interface, entirely in Portuguese, is easy to use and very intuitive. The creation process is divided into phases, ensuring that you do not have to deal with complicated menus in one place.

Complete and easy to use
The large number of tools enables the development of expressive clips and very nice to share with friends on social networks. Best of all is that the VideoShowPro: Free Video Editor applies the modifications quickly, allowing you to create a nice presentation within minutes.

The only feature that takes points of application is that no images or predetermined stickers. That way, if your library does not have very good content, you may have difficulties in publishing their work.