Whistle Camera – Selfie & More

whistle camera

The Whistle Camera-& Selfie More is a camera application that promises to help you get incredible selfies, even when you have only one hand available, are driving or using gloves, for example.

To take a picture, you can use the camera shaped icon, as well as in the standard Android app. However, the biggest highlight of the Whistle Camera-& Selfie More is that he recognizes Wispering and captures the image immediately.

In the settings menu, you can adjust the sensitivity of the app in “Whistle Settings”. You can also select the resolution of the photo and choose the directory where the pictures are saved. The flash, the timer, the zoom control and the button that allow you to switch between the front and rear camera are at the ends of the main menu.

Whistle and wait

The app has a timer function immediately on the home screen and also recognizes Wispering as firing trigger, allowing you to capture images without having to worry about moving on the screen of the device.

This functionality is also extremely useful in case you have one hand occupied or are using gloves, for example. In addition, in the settings menu, it’s easy to adjust the sensitivity level.


Despite the praise and good possibilities, during our test, the Whistle Camera-& Selfie More proved unstable. The app crashes often when the button to switch the camera is used, and it is also difficult to make the whistle is recognized (even by adjusting the sensitivity).

The problems encountered during the analysis, however, may have its origin in the apparatus used – a Galaxy S3. Therefore, it is possible that in other gadgets, the Whistle-& Selfie More Camera works perfectly