WiFi Photo Transfer

wifiWiFi Photo Transfer is an application that will make it simple to transfer photos and movies from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch directly to your computer, without needing any cable. The only thing needed is that both your gadget, how much your computer are connected to the same wireless network.

The application is very easy to use and doesn’t have any extra or customization settings menu. It boils down to a single screen, which indicates the form of access to directories of equipment. The whole process is done very simply: when the application is first opened, you must authorize the use of its location by the app, without this tool the application should not work.

Then, a new screen appears, bringing the number that must be typed in the address bar of your browser. The photos and videos are then accessed as if they were hosted on a web site. All you need is to choose one of the folders and click on the photo. A new page should appear and you determine if you want to download the image in original size – “Full size” – or in lower resolution, whether big, medium or small.

For the transfer to occur without interruption, you should keep the WiFi Photo Transfer always open, even if the unit is with the screen locked. This way is much simpler to have access to your photos and videos, especially in the moments when you don’t count with your gadget.

If you search for a simple way to transfer your pictures and videos, the WiFi Photo Transfer is certainly one of the best options. Unlike apps like Dropbox, here you do not need to install anything in the machine to open the files.

The agility of the transfer of files is very large, being a system easy to use for anyone who’s ever used a browser earlier. The lack of settings and access menus facilitate further the work of less advanced users, since there’s no need to make any changes in the system so that the WiFi Photo Transfer work.