Wise Reminder


Wise Reminder is an application extremely compact for reminders and notes with audible warnings. You can create small events and never lose time!

It can be used, for example, for you to remember to take a cake out of the oven. Or, if you prefer, list him all the activities of your day and follow one by one.

To create a new annotation, simply click the “+” button and make a short description of the activity, put a date and time and choose whether you want a silent reminder with standard or custom sound. The application uses the time configured on the computer to raise the alarm and blocking the creation of the item if you choose a date or time that has already passed.

Every time a reminder is triggered, you can click to move that task to the items completed or, if it takes more time, ask to postpone for a few more minutes — thus, it automatically organizes your lists. If you complete something ahead of time just pass the mouse over the item and two buttons appear: one for edit and mark it as done.

Above you gave a complete description about the Wise Reminder and its functionalities, know now what we think of Wise Reminder is an incredibly simple task manager. If you are looking for a complete schedule and organize all of your appointments, he may not be the best option, including, so compact and minimalist.

This app is ideal to organize your day, the tasks you need to do at home and other items that you’ll see while you’re on the computer — it does not allow you to sync with other devices, then you must be using the Windows at the time of the reminder to be able to mark it as done.

Good for little reminders

If you don’t want to forget to get something out of the oven, for example, or you want to organize their work schedules to deliver complete steps throughout the day, this Manager works great. It can be easily configured to display alarms in the corner of the screen and you spend less than a minute to create each item.

Thus, although incredibly simple, Wise Reminder can be very useful for those who want just a warning that don’t let him lose time for important appointments throughout the day. It’s worth testing this app, which can be the tool you need to organize your daily tasks and to-do lists.