Xender : Share files without any kind of connection

Xender is an application that allows you to transfer files between two devices even without WiFi connection, 3 g/4 g, Bluetooth and even phone carrier chip. That way, you can share any type of file from your appliance quickly without any kind of connection.

To make the connection between the two devices, Xender uses a wireless access point. Thus, one of the devices is transformed into a wireless router that must be connected to another smartphone or tablet to transfers happen.

The connection speed is greater than 4 MB per second. Thus, a movie can be downloaded in just 50 seconds. The program supports the transfer of photos, movies, any file type and even applications.

My opinion

My opinion Above you gave a full description about its features, be aware and Xender now what we think of him
Xender is an excellent way to share files between two devices without even needing a WiFi connection, 3 g/4 g, Bluetooth or even chip carriers. Simply create a WiFi access point, turning one of the handsets in router, to send movies, music, videos, photos, documents and programs.

The application is great for those who want to share files even with a connection available. That’s because the program is extremely easy to use, and very fast. In a few seconds, you will be able to download an entire movie without limitations.

No record or complications

xender1Xender does not require any type of registration, which is extremely practical. To share a file, just select what you want to send, the program automatically creates the WiFi access point.

Similarly, the person who receives the file need only activate your WiFi in order to receive the files. That doesn’t mean that it needs to connect to a WiFi network, but only to the point of access of other device.

Various file options

Xender is able to transfer any type of file, which is quite surprising. You can send pictures, images, music, Word, PDF files and even programs. This demonstrates a great application versatility and an enormous facility for users.

The program WINS for ease of use, the file transfer speed and agility and versatility. If you do not have a connection available, or even if there is an excellent way to send and receive anything between devices and computers.