YouTube Creator Studio

creator studioYouTube Creator Studio is the official Google application for you to manage your channel on the video-sharing service from the company.

So, you can see some data of the videos loaded from the place where you are, without relying on a computer for the task.

Likewise, the application is integrated with Analytics, enabling show statistics of the loaded content in your channel. Additionally, you can also receive notifications related to events that are associated with your account, ensuring that you don’t miss any information.

Straight from Android

If you have a YouTube channel, you know how I need to keep some attention on it, especially in case of accounts with certain popularity on the internet. Now, you can make some changes directly from your mobile phone, using the YouTube Creator Studio. In it, you can view the submitted videos, watch previews, comments and social interactions (who liked or not of the content).

In addition, you also have easy access to the statistics of the channel. The program supports all accounts registered on your device, allowing you to easily switch between them in the settings and even add new alternatives. The system of notifications can be customized according to your preference.

Above you gave a complete description about the YouTube Creator Studio and its functionalities, know now what we think of him
YouTube Creator Studio is a specific service for anyone who has a YouTube channel, allowing you to manage a number of options from a tablet or a smartphone. The program is the official Google, allowing you can even observe the Analytics data related to your account on the service.

The program counts with a friendly interface and very clean. The functions can be accessed from the hidden menu on the left side of the screen, avoiding unnecessary occupation of the central space of the app. Additionally, due to the good identification of the topics, even beginners should have greater difficulties in time to operate the program.

Another interesting point is that the interface supports multiple languages, including Portuguese, and the option for it is done automatically when entering the app (if your appliance is in the language quoted).

Lightweight and simple to use

A very interesting feature of the application is also the fact that he’s extremely lightweight. That way, even if you operate on a smartphone or a tablet with fewer resources, you won’t suffer from lockups or unnecessary waits in its operation. Likewise, the settings present in the programme are opened with the button itself from Android and the options are pretty intuitive.

The program allows you to change your profile data, after all he uses the account of Google as a base, but it is possible to make various operations related to your videos, how to check status and replying to comments, among others. You can configure it with various logins, switching easily between them through this menu on the left side of the screen.

So, if you have a YouTube channel, it can certainly take great advantage of the functions offered by YouTube Creator Studio.